MVP, MVP, MVP – iScan Online is MSPWorld World Cup MVP!

BYOD Security Scanning is the reason

Starting a new company is exhilarating, but anyone who tells you it is not hard work is lying. Sometimes you work so hard you don’t get a chance to really take notice of the progress you are making. Sometimes though, others take notice. Having your hard work recognized is always fantastic. Last week at the MSPWorld conference in Orlando, Florida, iScan Online won the MSPAlliance World Cup MVP award.

This prestigious award was awarded to iScan Online for our pioneering work in BYOD security scanning. With over 20,000 members in the MSPAlliance, their recognition is very sweet indeed. More importantly though it serves as a reinforcement and confirmation to us that security and specifically BYOD security is top of mind with MSPs – (Managed Service Providers).

So many of the MSPs in attendance in Orlando stopped by our exhibit or stopped me in the corridors to share their concerns about BYOD security. Their customers, like almost every other organization are being overrun with BYOD devices. They are turning to their MSP service partners for answers. These MSPs are looking to companies like iScan Online to provide them with these solutions and answers.
While there were many exhibitors who talked about BYOD security, there were very few actual solutions on display. Even fewer vendors that understood the MSP business model and worked with the RMM solutions they use in their business. I truly believe this was the reason we were chosen the winner of the MVP award.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be following up with many of the folks and MSPs we met in Orlando. BYOD security scanning is going to be an important part of their BYOD and service strategies. In the meantime, for the iScan Online team the recognition is great, but it is back to the grindstone. We have just scratched the surface on so many of the great things we want to bring to market. We have updates, upgrades and new versions to release, new partners to work with and new solutions to today’s new problems. We are grateful for the recognition, but as someone once said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

iscanMVP MSP trophy

Happy secure Easter to all and many thanks to the Manage Services Providers and the MSP Alliance for the award!

About Billy Austin

President & Co-founder of iScan Online, developers of the Cloud Security Scanning solution for Mobility and Computing.
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